Switch Profinet Managed 10/100Mb

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Switch Profinet Managed 10/100Mb
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Helmholz PROFINET managed switch

Article no. 700-850-4PS01 is a PROFINET managed switch produced by Helmholz, compact and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. One of the most critical functions of a PROFINET switch is the prioritization of PROFINET frame traffic within the machine network. The managed switch can discern whether the frame is a web query, FTP file transmission, multimedia streaming, or a PROFINET frame. During high transmission loads, important frames can be prioritized to prevent frame loss.

Supported PROFINET protocols such as LLPD, DCP, and diagnostic alarms can be easily configured and managed.

PROFINET compliance Class B Integration into automation networks using GSDML files Easy and quick configuration and diagnostics via PROFINET and web interface LLPD, DCP, SNMP, diagnostic alarms Media redundancy: Client MRP Port mirroring Network statistics (frames and errors) Managed switch with 4 or 8 RJ45 ports at 100 Mbps Available in 3 configurations:

  • 4-port RJ45 PROFINET switch
  • 8-port RJ45 PROFINET switch
  • 16-port RJ45 PROFINET switch

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Vantaggi PROFINET Helmholz en.

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FAQ PROFINET helmholz en.

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Guida Quickstart Profinet

Guida Quickstart Profinet Helmholz, en.

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Manuale switch PROFINET

Manuale switch PROFINET helmholz, en.

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Flyer switch Helmholz

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